Bloody Murder 15 - The Kimberley Killer and the Monster of Miramichi

May 29, 2017

The Kimberley Killer and the Monster of Miramichi...

Joseph Schwab was a German tourist in his mid twenties who had been to Australia before. He liked it so much he decided to come back in 1987, buy a shit tonne of fire arms and go on a killing spree in the Northern Territory. He was a cowardly psycho who hid out in the bushes near camping grounds and hunted humans for sport. This is why we don't go camping without bullet proof vests and helmets any more.

Canadian Allan Legere was a shit used car salesman who became a crappy thief and then graduated to being a heinous murderer and rapist. After his first murder he escaped from prison and went on the lamb, terrorising the community where he grew up for several months. The details of what he inflicted on the horrified residents of the Mirimichi region are very disturbing – they don't call him a monster for nothing!

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