Bloody Murder 27 - Issei Sagawa and the Herman Rockefeller

August 14, 2017

Issei Sagawa and the Herman Rockefeller...

Scrawny ghoul Issei Sagawa had fantasised about eating a tall, beautiful western woman ever since he was a teenager. Unable to find a woman who would be complicit in his plan, he murdered a fellow student and had a private orgy of cannibalism and dismemberment with her corpse. Avoiding any real punishment for the crime, he ended up becoming a celebrity in his homeland of Japan.
In the eyes of most people who knew him, Herman Rockefeller was a millionare businessman, an avid churchgoer and a solid family man. But he led a secret double life and liked swinging with the white trash specimens who responded to his newspaper ads. It was this inexplicable hunger for sex with dodgy strangers that led to his demise.

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