Bloody Murder 12 - The Gavit Sisters and the Queen St Massacre

May 7, 2017

The Gavit Sisters and the Queen St Massacre...

Under the criminal tutelage of their mother, Indian sisters Seema Gavit and Renuke Shinde graduated from petty theft to murder in the early 1990’s. Kidnapping children from crowded city streets, the women would operate in pairs, stealing and using the children as a decoy if one of them were caught. If the children complained or became an inconvenience the women would end their lives without a second thought.

On the December 8th, 1987, Frank Vitkovic went postal at the Australia Post offices in Queen St, Melbourne. Disconnected from reality and packing a sawn-off M1 carbine, Vitkovic went to seek revenge on a former friend who he blamed for all of his woes. Firing indiscriminately, he gunned down 8 people and injured 5 others before some brave employees put an end to his killing spree.

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