Bloody Murder 11 - The Internet Slave Master and the Lone Avenger

May 1, 2017

The Internet Slave Master and the Lone Avenger...

To say John Edward Robinson led a double life would be a gross understatement. He was a con man who lied so much he had to buy fire proof pants. Under the guise of being a slave master and successful entrepreneur he lured women he met online to Kansas on the promise of a better life and kinky sexy fun times. Soon after arriving the women disappeared. It took decades of vigilant police work to gather enough evidence to bring this POS scumbag down.

Len Lawson was a best selling Australian comic book creator, graphic artist, photographer, rapist and murderer. His comic the Lone Avenger was the best selling comic in Australia in the 1950's. His rapes and murders were less popular which resulted in him being one of the longest serving prisoners the country has ever seen.

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