Bloody Murder 20 - The Beast of Birkenshaw and the Murder or the Irwin Sisters

June 26, 2017

The Beast of Birkenshaw and the Murder or the Irwin Sisters...

Peter Manuel has the dubious honour of being Scotland’s worst serial killer. From the age of 10 he was in and out of remand homes for petty theft, escalating to violent sexual assaults by his mid-teens and murder in his late 20's. He was a wannabe gangster who had an eye for teenage girls but also wasn't opposed to breaking into homes in the middle of night and killing entire families.

Colleen and Laura Irwin were sisters in their early 20's who had moved to Melbourne from country Victoria to follow their career dreams. They were vibrant, intelligent young women who had good jobs, lots of friends and bright futures...That is until the terrible night their parolee neighbour brutally took their lives for his own twisted gratification.      

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