52 - Jack Reeves and The Greenough Family Massacre

January 29, 2018

Jack Reeves and The Greenough Family Massacre...

When Jack Wayne Reeve's second wife died of an apparently self-inflicted shotgun wound no autopsy was conducted. When his third wife, who was afraid of water, drowned in a lake he had her quickly cremated. But it wasn't until the disappearance of his fourth wife that suspicions were aroused enough for police to start investigating him.

In early 1993, the small town of Greenough in Western Australia was rocked by a horrific tragedy, which became known as the Greenough Family Massacre. The murders were so gruesome that some of the details were withheld from the public as they were deemed far too henious. But now the victim's family are demanding they be made public so the perpetrator will never be released.

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51 - The Grumpy Old Bastard and The Hair Fetish Killer

January 22, 2018

This week we’ve had a lot of issues that have made us unable to record a new episode. Instead of not putting out an ep, we've decided to present some “Classic Bloody Murder.” This was a patron only episode from back in January that we've decided to give a general release. We're sorry it's come to this patrons, and we hope you understand. We will try our best to get you a new episode soon to make up for it!

Make sure you stick around til the end, as Tara's got a brand-new Aussie As for you and due to the popularity of “Give Me Back My Lunch Money”, we're giving you more of the musically stylings of Barney!

The Grumpy Old Bastard and The Hair Fetish Killer...

Greek native Periklis Papadopoulos was a grumpy old bastard with a short fuse. His nasty temper had already landed him in prison over a petty dispute in his home country. After relocating to Australia upon his release, his hot head would make him murder again, this time for the most ridiculous of reasons.

Danilo Restivo, was an Italian man who had a creepy obsession with cutting off locks of unsuspecting women’s hair in public locations. In 1993 he was the last person seen with 16-year-old Elisa Claps before she disappeared and several years later he was strongly suspected in the brutal murder of Heather Barnett. The investigations were a mishandled shit show, so proving his involvement was far from a sure thing.

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