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122 - All That Remains Of Li Ping Cao and Stan ‘The Man’ Smith

122 - All That Remains Of Li Ping Cao and Stan ‘The Man’ Smith

July 22, 2019

All That Remains Of Li Ping Cao and Stan 'The Man' Smith...

When 42-year-old Cairns resident Li Ping Cao disappeared on November 30th, 2011, her 70-year-old husband Klaus Andres did an appalling job of feigning concern for her whereabouts. He didn't report her missing and used a press conference to try to convince the public she was a terrible, rebellious woman who had deserted her poor long-suffering husband. While he was out there spreading lies about her, Li Ping's body was dissolving in a bin full of acid. 

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Stan “The Man” Smith was one of the most legendary criminal enforcers in the Sydney underworld from the late 1950’s through to the 1980’s. He was closely associated with big crime kingpins like Lenny McPherson and George Freeman. Although he was one of the most prolific hit men in Australian history, being responsible for at least 25 shootings and 15 murders, he only spent 3 months in prison.

Sources: The Sydney Morning Herald: Stan the Man, gangland heavyweight of the '80s, dies at 73 By Malcolm Brown. Crime and Investigation Channel; Tough Nuts; Stan Smith the Enforcer. Wikipedia; Stan Smith (criminal). Smith, Stanley John (Stan) (1937–2010) by Malcolm Brown.; The story of Stan 'The Man' Smith, one of Australia's most feared gangsters by Peter Hoysted. The Age; The Dirty Dozen, by John Silvester.

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Aussie As: A 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Darwin is handled in a typically Aussie fashion. 

Sources: Massive Indonesia earthquake shakes Darwin. Natasha Emeck and Will Zwar, NT News June 24, 2019. Darwin earthquake: Buildings evacuated after magnitude 7.2 quake rattles northern Australia. The New Daily June 24, 2019.