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110 - The Removal Revelation: The Ron and Dan Lafferty Story

March 4, 2019

The Removal Revelation: The Ron and Dan Lafferty Story...

On July 24th, 1984, bearded brothers Ron and Dan Lafferty, radicalised by extreme Mormon beliefs and convinced they were prophets from God, forced their way into a duplex in American Fork, Utah. Here they brutally killed their brother's wife Brenda Lafferty and infant daughter Erica, believing they had received a revelation from God in which they were told to “remove” them from the earth. These senseless murders were fuelled by religious fanaticism, delusions of grandeur, and a long history of family violence.

Barney and Tara join forces for this special edition episode which was a patron request from Alyson Schaefermeyer.

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Thanks you to Devon from Calgary for supplying this weeks true crime nerd time on “Abducted in plain sight”

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This week's "Aussie As" was suggested by Vince O'Connor. Ross and his mate Troy were on the piss and playing pool at their local pub when the pork chop shoe incident took place.