Bloody Murder - A True Crime Podcast

104 - Evil Thomas Halliday and The Murder Of Rhoni Reuter

January 7, 2019

Evil Thomas Halliday and The Murder Of Rhoni Reuter...

In early March 2006, mother of three, Shelley Stephenson vanished from Mildura in northern Victoria, Australia. Suspicion fell upon her ex-partner Thomas Halliday, who had a history of brutal and stalkerish behaviour. What followed was an amazing police investigation and court case, that yielded some unusual results.

Rhoni Reuter was the long-term girlfriend of ex-football player Shaun Gayle, who was seven months pregnant with his baby. Did Shaun kill Rhoni because he didn’t want to be tied down with a family? Or did someone else have a reason for wanting Rhoni and her unborn child dead?

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