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35 - The Scissor Murderess and the murder of Bertha Schippan

October 8, 2017

The Scissor Murderess and the murder of Bertha Schippan...

16-year-old South African Marlene Lehnberg was a sheltered girl from a strict family who had an affair with her much older, married boss. He refused to divorce his wife for her so she manipulated a down on his luck black amputee to help her with the dirty deed by promising him sex and a car. Scissors were also involved. 14 year old Bertha Schippan was murdered on New Year's night of 1902 in Towitta in South Australia. While there were many suspects, it was her older sister, Mary, that was committed to trial for her brutal death.

PLUS introducing a new segment "Barney Amazing Aussie Animal Facts". Bloody Murder discuss the infamous Drop Bear!

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