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46 - Russian Slave Master Alexander Komin and Australian Triple Murderer Greg Brazel

December 11, 2017

Russian Slave Master Alexander Komin and Australian Triple Murderer Greg Brazel...

Alexander Komin was a Russian serial killer who held people hostage in an underground bunker he spent 4 years digging out. Here he raped, tortured and punished his captives as well as forcing them to work in a makeshift underground sweatshop. Most of his captives did not survive the ordeal and those who did were shown an alarming lack sympathy.

Gregory “Bluey” Brazel is a former altar boy and son of a New South Wales detective. He has more than 75 criminal convictions and a prison record involving at least 25 violent offences including three murders! Brazel is often described as one of the most manipulative and violent prisoners in Victoria's prison system. Turning on other prisoners got him bashed, and when this incident saw the inside of a courtroom his antics made Judge Warren Fagan name it “The Nightmare Trial”.

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