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55 - Moses Sithole, Raymond Brooks and Gary Plauche

February 19, 2018

Moses Sithole, Raymond Brooks and Gary Plauche...

Moses Sithole became South Africa's worst serial killer after a year long rape and murder spree that claimed the lives of 38 innocent victims. He preyed on his victims attempts to support their families by offering them jobs in a humanitarian foundation that didn't exist, before torturing and murdering them in broad daylight. The crimes were nicknamed the 'ABC Murders' because they began in Atteridgeville, continued in Boksburg and ended in Cleveland.

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Raymond Brooks pleaded guilty to sexually abusing “Eva” when she was a little girl and was sentenced to five years, but he only served 27 months. In the eyes of Eva's father, Brooks' punishment was woefully inadequate. Gary Plauche's son Jody was kidnapped and taken across state lines where he was also abused. These two fathers both formed plans for cold revenge, but after carrying out their vengeance, they would end up with two completely different outcomes.

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