Bloody Murder - A True Crime Podcast

64 - Cleophus Prince Jr and Bold Jack Donohue

April 9, 2018

Cleophus Prince Jr and Bold Jack Donohue...

Cleophus Prince Jr. raped and killed 6 women in San Diego in 1990. Most of the attacks took place in or around the apartment complex in Clairemont where he and his girlfriend lived. He would stalk the women - usually after seeing them at the gym, break in to their homes during the day and attack them when they were showering with knives from their own kitchens.. 

Bold Jack Donohue was a prancing dandy Irish Bushranger who terrified country New South Wales in the 1830's. His bravado and daring after absconding from his convict chains and going bush earned him sympathies amongst settlers, who protected him. But his defiance of the law did not impress authorities and made him a hunted man.

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