Bloody Murder - A True Crime Podcast

65 - Dorothea Kraft and The Berrima Axe Murderer John Lynch

April 16, 2018

Dorothea Kraft and The Berrima Axe Murderer John Lynch...

Widow Dorothea Kraft had a tough time trying to raise her daughter on a failing farm in the early 1900's in South Africa. After relying on the kindness of strangers backfired horribly and threatened to leave her homeless she felt she had no choice but to turn to murder.

John Lynch, nasty convict, shitfull farmer, wannabe robber was Australia’s first and possibly worst serial killer. One hundred and fifty years before the term serial killer was even a thing, he wandered the Berrima district murdering people until he finally met his dangly end at the gallows at the old Berrima Gaol.

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