Bloody Murder 69 - Lenny McPherson Special Edition with Cambo from True Crime Island

May 7, 2018

Lenny McPherson Special Edition with Cambo from True Crime Island...

Cambo from True Crime Island joins forces with Tara and Barney to discuss one of the most powerful and scary Australian career criminals of all time; Lenny McPherson. Lenny controlled much of Sydney's organised crime activity from the 1950's right into the mid 1990's and has been described as “More cunning than a shithouse rat.” 

Nicknamed Sydney's "Mr Big" of organised crime, he was feared by his competition and green lit by the corrupt cops supporting him. His criminal activities included robbery, theft, extortion rackets, illegal gambling, sly-grog shops, prostitution, drug dealing and, of course, lots and lots of murder!

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