Bloody Murder - A True Crime Podcast

87 - Australian Gothic - The Murder of Angelo Agostinelli

August 27, 2018

Australian Gothic - The Murder of Angelo Agostinelli...

In May 1994, caravan park owner Angelo Agostinelli went missing from the small town of Millicent in South Australia. The gossip around town was that he'd run off with another woman, but as days turned into weeks an intricate murder conspiracy unfolded. Angelo's disappearance sent the community into a frenzy and it was hard to differentiate fact from fiction amid all the increasingly outrageous rumours and that were being thrown around. In time, all of the caravan park's dirty laundry would be hung out to dry and all its dirty little secrets were exposed...It would also turn a lot of the towns folk vegetarian. Suggested to us by Tim Shepherd.

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