Bloody Murder 97 - Murderous Mary and the Vanishing of Paddy Moriarty

October 29, 2018

Murderous Mary and the Vanishing of Paddy Moriarty...

Described as a woman with "lovely russet hair, fine blue eyes, of normal build, with nice shapely hands" Mary Pearcey was a rather unconventional English woman who was convicted of murdering her lover's wife and child. She was sentenced to dangle on the end of a noose for her crimes. This is a patron request for Emily Kirkpatrick 

On a hot December afternoon in 2007, 70 year Paddy Moriarty and his dog went missing in Larimah in the Northern Territory. Foul play was suspected. Police rounded up the usual suspects, the entire population of this tiny desert town, all 11 of them, all elderly. What would emerge, was plenty of motive and a decade long feud over pies.

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